Nicole Richie hit the gym the other day. She’s not usually photographed at the gym. Nicole would rather be photographed all steezy and sh-t wearing Winter Kate.

You know who always gets photographed at the gym, though?

Yeah. Ashley Greene.

And somehow on the day she and Nicole were working out together, the paps show up – several agencies – to document the fact that they are (or were) friends. New friends?

If ever there was a mean girl in Hollywood, it’s Nicole Richie. She rules her crew with authority. Trust. She is the one who whispers about everyone else, frequently picks a whisper target and mindf-cks her all night, creates insecurity within the group to strengthen her own position, and then knowingly folds them back in one by one just when they’re about to fall apart. Nicole Richie understands female dynamic and insecurity better than anyone else. It’s just too bad she doesn’t know how to write about it.

So if this was a friend audition, if this was an attempt by Ashley Greene to get into the circle and a famewhoring exercise at the same time, without the permission of Ms Richie, oh you can bet your bad Twilight wig Nicole Richie will be cutting that off, AND making her unwelcome among many other circles.

Having said that, it’s not like Nicole doesn’t know this game. Here’s a girl who is desperate to join her club. She wants so badly to be popular, to somehow leverage that into More. It is also exactly like Nicole Richie to magnanimously agree to be sighted together as an initiation gift, as if to say “here’s what I can do for you”, and then when that happens it quickly becomes “but now you get in line and wait, wait on pins and needles until I want you to do something for me.”

Either way, whichever situation, Ashley Greene is in the weak spot. Either way, when you’re Ashley Greene and you’re around Nicole Richie, you are always her bitch.

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