Reeve Carney is Broadway's Spider-Man. He will also play Jeff Buckley. He's beautiful. He could be something special. And the other day he was photographed on the subway in New York seemingly getting cute and holding hands with... Ashley Greene.

Does Reeve know?

That Ashley Greene, a third tier Twilight person, could be making him a successor to Joe Jonas?

I this who you want to be succeeding?

Well...Reeve may need a starter girlfriend. I suppose then, if anyone's a Starter Girlfriend, it would be Ashley Greene. She'll do. I guess.

Like your first car. It's usually a used one, right?

I wonder if he's going to enjoy getting papped. Like constantly.

Reeve was said to be dating his Broadway co-star Jennifer Damiano though. At least back in June. In March though, he was photographed with Ashley backstage at the show with his mother and siblings. So...either they're longtime friends, or she's been working this for months.

She thinks she can play with Blake Lively. As IF.