Yesterday it was reported that Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas had broken up. Conveniently, just a few hours after the news went wide, Greene was papped in New York, in green for the occasion, with her dad, and oh look, shocking, she’s also with Jared Followill, to whom she’s been linked before, and apparently they’re making out again now that she’s done holding hands with a Vagina Virgin.

No, no, that’s not obvious at all.

From Ashley though, you expect it. Twilight’s not even over and already people are losing interest in her. But it’s the only thing she has. It’s almost understandable then that she’s grasping at anything.

To me it’s so much worse for Jared. It’s not like Jared needs this to get ahead. Jared doesn’t have to convince the world he’s not gay. Jared doesn’t have to date a hot girl to win a Grammy. Ashley Greene for Jared Followill then is a major downgrade. He’s a big band rock star. She’s a third tier player on an angsty hormonal film series whose best hope is a low budge screamer flick once every year or so.

And to allow himself to be used? Exploited? Photographed to send a message? Lame.

He must think that whatever he’s getting in return is of equal market value. Which also makes him dumb. I don’t care how hot you are. I’m not getting hard for lame and dumb.

Photos from and INF