Ashley Greene spent the weekend in Milan. It’s Fashion Week. Somehow she managed to get invited to a few shows. It’s been a really B List season. Nonetheless, every bitch has to start somewhere. And for Ashley, this is a huge coup. This is like her Oscars. The Oscars for people who’ll never be invited to NYC, London, or Paris Fashion Week. So it must seem then, to Ashley, that sitting front row at Milan Fashion Week is a career highlight. You’d think she’d finally pull her sh-t together, right?

Hell no.

She’s just so f-cking junior. I mean look at this mess. This is what she wore to Armani. What???

If you dare to wear colour, at least wear it without WRINKLES! She can’t afford to send her clothes down to be pressed? How did Ashley Greene, who is NOT a non-TwiHard household name, how did Ashley Greene decide that she’d arrive to Armani yelling sartorially at the top of her lungs in purple and pink? When did she earn that right?


That’s actually how you tell them apart. The ones who know, the ones who can, the elite upper A List, they stick to black and neutrals, especially on these occasions. It’s the harcore wannabe who ends up confirming her place below. Ashley Greene desperately needs a proper stylist. But she should also work on her Try. It’s embarrassing her.

Photos from OLYCOM/