So Ashley Judd is studying at Harvard. She’s enrolled in the Mid-Career Master in Public Administration program and isn’t waiting for frosh week to pass before pulling celebrity rank. This time though she’s using the faculty and not her mute stones.

According to

“If you happen to see Ashley Judd wandering the halls at Harvard, approach at your own peril.”

Ashley has requested that her file be sealed – understandable, I guess, but certainly not a luxury every student enjoys. On top of that, police presence has been arranged at all coffee breaks to protect her from randoms coming up to pry. The excuse is that these randoms could eventually turn out to be reporters.


An email was sent to staff informing them of these procedures offering suggestions about what to do if anyone gets too nosy about the “B List actress”. Heh.

No but seriously…

The purpose of university is to learn in community, non?

Oh I know. I know she has such a pretty smile and those warm cheeks and even a dimple or two and it’s so hard to believe someone who looks so nice really isn’t nice inside. Sigh. Haven’t we learned from Reese Witherspoon’s bitchface?

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