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Ashley Judd was out promoting her memoir at Barnes & Noble in New York yesterday and, like Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman before her (examples here and here) had more people talking about her makeup than they did her book which, I mean, she is really, really taking it to her family, specifically her mother, but is she also as candid about her own, um, mercurial moods?

Anyway, about this powder situation…

I mean obviously it’s not like, oh let’s make it so that it’s really noticeable and everyone will see and talk about it. Obviously not. Obviously it looks one way without the light from the photography and by the time you figure that out, it’s too late. So is it a specific product then? A product that should come with a warning, especially to those makeup artists who frequently work on celebrity faces?

Because the person who works on Ashley’s, and Nicole and Uma too, would have been a specialist in the area. I mean, this is not some person fresh out of the beauty academy working a counter at a drug store. They usually don’t call those people, as lovely as they are, in for the stars. The person who made up Ashley yesterday then, it would not have been her first time.

I googled this issue just now and apparently, initially, the ongoing problem – Eva Longoria also experienced it – was blamed on Makeup Forever’s HD Powder. But Makeup Forever went on the offensive and yelled at everyone for thinking that about their product, insisting that it was not responsible for the makeup mishaps. (Dear Chris Brown, I believe this is the correct use of the word “mishap”.) I took a quick glance at some of the reader comments and some actually experimented with it with similar results. Commenting on an internet blog comments section isn’t exactly scientific though so I’m not sure what conclusion you can draw from that. Click here if you want more on the issue.

You’d think though that a newsletter could go out to all of these artists for what to stay away from, especially under harsh light, and especially given how often this seems to be happening.

But whatever, I’ve just spent way too much time on this when really, what I wanted to talk about was oh my God, can you imagine that poor makeup artist and the storm of crazy ass Ashley Judd sh-t that must have been whipped at her head when this mess came out? I get it that it must have sucked to be raised in a tragically dysfunctional home and to have endured the abuse and neglect and pain that she endured. But I wonder, if she can identify it, and write about it, and share it and acknowledge it and claim to want to help people by it, does that absolve the way she has treated people? Or are we supposed to forget about that because she’s so pretty and has such a nice smile?

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