LOVE Olsen style. And Ashley is getting more and more beautiful by the day…so while you may think it’s kinda creepy, can you blame Lance for finding her attractive?

Here’s Ashley chic and gorgeous last night at the Grand Reopening of the New Museum on the Bowery hosted by Calvin Klein. She is also wearing Calvin Klein. Easy, simple, clean, great skin, beautiful eyes. Total gorgessity.

Which likely did not go unnoticed by Lance Armstrong who, curiously enough, was also in attendance. I’m told there was some flirting and some palpable sexual tension – nothing overt but she had that air about her, you know? You know when you’re around someone you want, and who you want again, and every molecule in your body seems magnetically drawn to his corner and despite your best efforts, all you can focus on is wondering if he’s feeling the same?

Hot, non?

Me likey them together. Do you disagree?

PS. That report a couple of weeks ago - that Ashley showed up for show and tell at Lance"s daughter"s class...turned out to be bullsh*t. So says he.

Photos from Wenn