What do Lance Armstrong and Jared Leto have in common? Both were born in 1971. And both may have tapped Ashley Olsen!

Ashley and Lance, as you know, hooked up a few times in New York last fall just before Lance ran the marathon. This weekend at the Art of Elysium benefit, sources tell me exclusively Ashley made a beeline for Jared and worked it hard. And really, even though he’s a douchebag… really, can you blame her?

Jared is, after all, a beautiful man…when he’s not hiding it under a lame attempt at rockin’ out and a piss poor attitude.

Apparently Ashley was all over him like a lovesick school girl. Giggling, flirting, and he was flirting back, at one point when he pulled out his phone, she was overhead telling him to snap a photo and save it to memory and to promise to text her later.

Ashley and Jared?!?! Really??? Not sure I believe it yet...

But do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Photos from source