Ashley at the CFDAs. It’s been like this the last few outings now – trousers with blazers, short shirts with long blazers… Ashley Olsen’s modernisation of the 80, clearly her current fashion mindset. Am all over it.

Because she looks great. She looks different. She’s young. There’s no better time than now to try it all out. And also because everyone else is always the same.

Best example – Eva Longoria. Eva Longoria wore a pink dress no different from any other dress she’s worn in the last six months. Definitely not chic.

Interestingly enough, Jason Lewis was there as well last night. A bit of a party whore these days, looking a little bloated but not nearly as cracked out as he was last week at the SATC New York premiere. They flirted then, they flirted again on Monday, but am told this time with less intensity. Almost as though the mystery had been removed from the equation. You know how that is. They totally f&cked.

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