Mary Kate Olsen is dating Olivier Sarkozy. They’ve reportedly moved in together. On Saturday they had brunch with her sister Ashley who, at first glance, looks like she has freakishly small arms in that coat. (Her hands are tucked into the pockets and it’s a weird optical illusion.) 

Back in June, after seeing these photos, I asked “have you ever seen a man feel better about his very far back hairline?” There’s a confidence about Sarkozy, almost arrogance, that must be his sexiest attribute. After all, it’s not just Mary Kate. It’s also Stella Schnabel. He and Stella Schnabel ended it in March. Three months later he’s swaggering down the street, a cigarette in his mouth, with MK Olsen and his daughter.

So what kind of charisma are we talking here? Like, after spending five minutes with him, does he suddenly look like George Clooney? This is not impossible. I’ve seen it happen in real life and it’s almost magical. That some dude who offers nothing in the way of aesthetic appeal can suddenly, after a very short conversation, turn you on in a way that a boring pretty boy never can. Is this what they’re trying to tell me about Olivier Sarkozy? Really???