Ashley attended a wedding in honour of some stylist in Hollywood and while leaving decided to pull a move like this – using a mask to cover her face so as not be photographed. Obviously it didn’t work.

And while it’s certainly obnoxious and more than a little lame, on the spectrum of famewhoring hypocrisy, I also wouldn’t say that Ashley Olsen is on the Paris extreme. She doesn’t tip off photogs. She probably hates Jessica Biel for making that call on the sly. She doesn’t discuss her private life in interviews. She doesn’t invite magazines into her home to photograph her bedroom.

So I guess I’m not so bothered by Ashley Olsen trying to hide from the paps. She has her secrets for sure. There is some f&ckery going on in her life for sure too. But then again, Ashley isn’t selling herself as wholesome anymore either.

She truly doesn’t want to be photographed. I totally believe this.

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