Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have previously said that they don't want to be referred to as the "Olsen twins". They find it insulting to be identified two-for-one. I understand. I would want to be distinct and unique too. Does this mean the following commentary is unfair?

MK, as you know, is married to Olivier Sarkozy. The other night she and Olivier were at the Knicks game with Ashley and her new boyfriend, Richard Sachs, seated across the aisle from each other. MK and Ashley are now 30 years old, a fact I find at once hard to believe and easy to believe. Easy to believe because of course they're not children anymore. Hard to believe because, well, seeing them always together for so long almost locked them in time, like twins in amber. That's one of the reasons why MK and Olivier's 17 year age gap seems wider. Richard Sachs, with Ashley now, is even older than Olivier, by over 10 years, at 58. And they look similar too! Although the way Richard is kissing Ashley here is probably less unsettling than when Olivier did it earlier on in their relationship.

Maria wrote me a note yesterday wondering about the separate seating. Whether or not it was deliberate. Like to be less conspicuous? If it was deliberate, I don't know if it had to do with being less conspicuous than with the sameness of it all - much as they dislike being thought of as a whole, even they might not be able to deny the unmistakable sameness.

A few months ago, When it was first reported that Ashley was dating another older man, George Condo, I offered up a 5 minute theory about why she and Mary-Kate might be leaning into a more mature dating pool. How likely is it for them to meet cultured men their age, in that elite NY circle, who aren't interested in them as a brand and, literally, didn't grow up watching them as a brand? The Sarkozys and the Sachses of the world would have had have no personal pop culture connection to them when they were adolescents, no attachment to them as sisters adventuring in Paris in teen marketed movies. They would have met them as they are now, fully formed now, instead of having to reconcile an intimate awareness of their image in adolescence with who they became. For these two, that's probably a big bonus.