When he"s clean shaven, when he"s not rockin" a patchy beard, I am all over it. Especially since I"ve become a big supporter of his love, his marriage, his devotion to Demi, however long it might last. My problem with Ashton though is the sorry attempt at facial hair. Have you seen Team America World Police? We were playing poker last week and had it on in the background. F&ckin" movie kills me every time, particularly the Matt Damon parts. Sure, sure, the swollen lip was maybe a little exaggerated…but you have to admit, it"s kinda true. So anyway, the Team America main character - Gary. Remember his so called transformation? When they put him under for a face lift to infiltrate the terrorists and just ended up sticking random clumps of hair all over his face? THAT, my friends, is Ashton Kutcher with a beard. See the side by side comparison for yourself. But right now, at least in the pages of Details, Ashton is without obstruction. Ashton is HOT. And he is also candid, one of the best articles, the best interviews I"ve read in a long time. Because he doesn"t offer up the usual, because he doesn"t play the straight PR sanctioned angle, he actually engages, and in return you like - more than like - you love him for it. My favourite parts: When he admits that he didn"t recognise Demi Moore the first time he met her because “I was, like, jocking some other girl that night. My focus was with hooking up with somebody else.” LOVE. And then you also have to read the bit about helping her get ready for a night out. It"s frickin" adorable…and very, very true: "He’s particularly proud of that wet bar he had installed in the enormous walk-in closet off his and Demi’s bedroom, where he often sits on the sofa getting an early-evening buzz on, with one eye on the game, while Demi gets dressed to go out. He’s logged a lot of hours in that closet, vetting his wife’s ensembles. At first he fumbled the play whenever Demi asked him, “How does this look?” When he replied, “It looks fantastic,” Demi would respond, “Well, I hate it.” Now each time his opinion is requested—and he is asked each time—he has learned to say, “‘How do you feel in it?’ That is the most important thing. Because if she feels good, you’re going to have a good night. If she doesn’t, you’re not.” LOVE. LOVE. Seriously gossips…aside from when he nauseatingly talks about how he and Demi never fight because they"ve reached relationship nirvana, it"s definitely worth your five minutes. And the end will make you giggle, I promise. Check out the interview here. Enjoy!