Demi Moore’s face f-cks up my sh-t.


It’s crazy.

It’s SO ridiculously beautiful. And well preserved. Without looking preserved. Without freaking you out. No Madge styles. No Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman styles. No painful peel marks. And creepy cheek implants. She doesn’t have 6 lips. She only has 2 lips!

Yeah yeah the surgery, sure. Console yourself over that. But don’t discount her genes. The combination of professional skill and her own DNA, and a subtle, smart approach is making Demi the Gold Standard. Now here’s someone who should write a book.

A step by step guide on how to do it the way she does.

Wouldn’t you buy that book?

I would totally buy that book.

This is Demi with Ashton Kutcher and Rumer last night at the screening of his new film Spread. Indie movie with what looks like a formulaic story and a LOT of sex and you know, finding “the one”, which may actually mirror Ashton’s real life.

Thoughts on his voice?

I can’t decide.

The trailer is here. He’s gorgeous.

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