I had to post these shots of Ashton Kutcher and Kobe Bryant at the Laker game last night. Do you think in the Cheaters Club there is a hierarchy? Like...would they be fist-pumping Jesse James? Or is he a lower level cheater? Tiger Woods, obviously, has a lifetime membership in the A List secret chamber even though they secretly talk about him behind his back for nailing the Perkins waitress with a tampon in the back of the car.

Word is Kobe is trying to get his wife back. And that she hasn’t ruled it out. A lot isn’t right in Kobe’s life right now. He’s about to lose half of his fortune. And he already lost Lamar Odom and Chris Paul. He could lose Pau Gasol too. And his team is a mess. Even though they won last night, that sh-t is about to implode. Some would say it’s imploded already. Sounds like someone wants his wife back. Call it a security blanket that comes with conditions. The diamonds he can deliver on, but what about the fidelity?