According to Sydney Confidential, Josh Hartnett has been spending time with a “mystery brunette” in Australia and was pretty cagey about it when caught at the airport, dismissing pappies with a not-so-friendly “Get F*cked” when approached for photos. This following recent rumours that he and Scarlett Johansson have split, some say because of scheduling conflicts, some say because he was foolish enough to step out with someone else. But who the hell cheats on ScarJo? A classic case of Ryan Phillippe stupidity though Josh was obviously not bound by marital vows and fatherhood, nor did he leave a torrid trail of infidelity across Canada, so I suppose he can really only be found guilty of being a dumbass as opposed to Ryan who is quite obviously a dumb asshole. Quick update on the Witherspoon situation while we’re at it: You remember the affairs in Vancouver? I was the first to report that Reese’s husband allegedly engaged in several inappropriate relationships with employees at the Cactus Club in Yaletown – two of whom have been characterized as huge bitches by those who know them, and one girl is so unpopular, has created so many enemies, her so-called “friends’ keep selling her out! Which is why I’ve heard she had to change her phone number. Rumour has it, someone she knows sold it to the National Enquirer, naturally they wanted her to talk, shockingly she turned them down, having apparently developed a new sense of shame about being a homewrecking slut. Whatever bitch. Who you kidding? Bet you if Ashton Kutcher came to town and wanted a piece, she’d conveniently forget her newfound propriety and throw herself all over Demi’s man too. Some whores just don’t change, you know? Thanks to Jill K for the story tip.