Did you watch SNL? First and final sketches were my favourites. And Kristin Wiig is the sh*t. Angelina Jolaire… remember that? Hee.

So Ashton hosted, was competent, and also so so so hot. Because when Ashton shaves, Ashton is gorgeous. And he looks amazing in clothes. Perfect pants, shirts that fit well, hair that works messy, hair that works neat. Just too bad he has his head up his own ass and he clearly doesn’t see the irony in satirising someone as sanctimonious as John Mayer while failing to acknowledge the same attributes in himself.

See attached of Ashton’s Mayer parody – the facial gymnastics weren’t half bad – and also of Ashton and Demi “hating” the paps while leaving the SNL afterparty Saturday night. Love that they’re always wardrobe coordinated. Love that they’re still together. Love that he is so unabashedly into his wife. Love that they’ve proved everyone wrong. All of us. Don’t lie. You too.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com