I’m sure by now you’ve seen the cover of the new issue of Star Magazine? It’s attached. With photos of Ashton Kutcher on his 6th wedding anniversary in San Diego where he hosted a hot tub party in his hotel suite and allegedly f-cked at least one girl later on, if not more. “Megan McNutt” was there. She saw it all go down. And of course, she had her makeup done and put on a pink tank top to go on camera and talk about what went down. Click here to see Ms McNutt’s interview. I really enjoyed the part where she explains what it means to have a hot tub at a party...

And now all of it, all of it is at the newsstand.

Which is why this time, this time they can’t pretend to sue or come up with a limp denial.

Ashton team is however testing a new move. How will it play if we let it out there that Demi is struggling with addiction again? What if it we leak it with a few lower rank tabloids, see if that generates any sympathy? He’s the patient husband who has been suffering in silence through her substance abuse...

By spending time surrounded by bikini girls at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego?

As of yesterday, both were still wearing their wedding rings. Click here to see those photos. If you’re still wearing your wedding ring, but you’re trying to tell us that your wife is an addict, is it ok if you f-ck a girl on a one night bender?

That seems to be the strategy that Ashton’s going with right now. As strategies go, this one, it’s really, really sh-t.

Ashton tweeted several times yesterday following the passing of Steve Jobs. Ashton, as you know, likes to think of himself as some kind of technology leader. This was one of the Jobs quotes he posted:

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."

Was this the philosophy he was embracing when he made the movie Killers with Katherine Heigl? How is Killers a reflection of Ashton’s excellent expectations? Is he demonstrating his quality yardstick when he whores out editorially. Does the man on the cover of this tabloid look like he’s a yardstick of quality?

Please. Ashton Kutcher has always only been one thing: he is a fraud.