When Justin Timberlake was named “creative director” of Budweiser, I wrote about how “spokesperson” seems to be a bad word now. So what they keep doing is calling it something else even though they’re basically still just taking the money and putting their names on the label.

And now, of course, it’s Ashton Kutcher. He was named “Product Engineer” for Lenovo yesterday. What happened to Apple? What happened to iAshton? Lenovo is Chinese. You know, China. Where all the money is being thrown at celebrities. But what celebrity has the technology qualifications of Ashton Kutcher? After all, he played Steve Jobs and has a lot of Twitter followers.

The point is, you should buy the Lenovo line of “yoga” tablets, because Ashton Kutcher is helping to “design” them. Isn’t that what you always wanted in a tablet? For it to be conceived from the mind of Ashton Kutcher?