Ashton Kutcher has over 15 million followers on Twitter. And he shared with them a photo of him kissing his girlfriend. You can’t see their faces clearly but you know and I know it’s Mila Kunis and they’re in love and they may or may not be having a baby and they may or may not be getting married and Demi Moore may have sold her engagement ring from him because she can’t bear it anymore.

If you’re posting shots of you putting your lips on your girlfriend’s lips to more people than there are in Sweden, am I allowed to ask both of you about your relationship?

When Demi and Ashton first joined Twitter, they couldn’t help themselves either. Remember the bikini shots? Remember them tucked up in bed together? Ashton claimed that he wouldn’t be so forthcoming about his private life anymore…

But we’ve seen this time and again. Few of them actually want privacy when they say they want privacy. Most of them just want to cherry pick their privacy. Macaulay Culkin is one of those rare celebrities who mean it. Ashton Kutcher? Not really, right?