You’ve heard about this mess at Penn State? Click here for the long well, researched version. Click here for the celebrity reading level edition specifically as it relates to Ashton Kutcher.

In short, he tweeted support for a man who has been fired for his suspected involvement in the cover-up of alleged child abuse, then realised he f-cked up, then deleted his tweets, then apologised, then promised he won’t be tweeting anymore until he figures out how to manage his feed.

I’m sorry...


Not too long ago, Ashton Kutcher was the King of Twitter. He engaged in that Twitter race for followers with CNN, remember? (And he may have cheated.) Ashton uses Twitter because he’s, like, the celebrity “tech god”. He’s THE star Social Networker. He invests in the sh-t, and then he pimps out his investments all over his platforms, claiming it’s innocent sharing when it’s really more to pad his own bank account. Click here for the backgrounder on that one.

And now...

Now he’s out of the loop on a major news story that should have been all over each and every one of his devices...?

I’m in Dubai and I know about the Penn State situation. And I only turn my blackberry on once a day!

Ashton Kutcher is a FRAUD. He’s a fraud of an actor, he’s a fraud of an entrepreneur, he’s a fraud of a husband, he is a fraud of a MAN.

And still...Demi Moore... she stays.