Ashton Kutcher posted this photo of his wife Demi Moore in her skivvies on his Twitter the other day. This coming from a couple that regularly protests what they call the intrusiveness of the paps and the tabloids into their lives.

Then again, you know celebrities, they excel at hypocrisy. And Ashton loves Twitter. And Demi loves that Ashton loves Twitter. Because she loves Twitter too. As does, of course, John Mayer. A networking site that also serves as a platform to tell the whole world everything via instantaneous electronic press conference all the time?


John Mayer jerks off on Twitter.

But not everyone is all over the Twitter.

Jennifer Aniston apparently hates the Twitter.


Because Twitter > Jennifer Aniston… ?

This according to the bottom feeding Star Magazine – as you know, not exactly super reliable. But we’re talking about John Mayer. And it totally sounds like John Mayer. And also, believing it is just too good. That Jennifer Aniston, who once lost her man to the Jolie, now lost another to the Twitter. Snicker!

So yeah, apparently she broke up with him because he was too busy to call her back but not too busy to tweet. Jen has to be front and centre all the time. When confronted about not putting her front and centre, John Mayer, who also has to be front and centre all the time, ended up choosing Twitter, and by extension, naturally, himself.

I’m telling you. John Stamos is the one.


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