The TCA winter press tour was held at the Langham Pasadena. This is where I was staying last week and part of this week. They have great hotel pens. I’m the low classy daughter of the Chinese Squawking Chicken who took two, one for me and one for my ma who will wave it around the hospital and tell people it’s from Frank Sinatra. Have I mentioned that she’s coming home for Chinese New Year?

Anyway, I ran into Ashton Kutcher as I was leaving the Langham yesterday. Won’t lie. He’s hot. Especially with the new hair cut. Kutcher was there as part of CBS’s Two And A Half Men panel. As you are well aware, his reputation has taken a hit the last few months. You know what they say about how pretty people get farther ahead in life because humans are biologically programmed to prefer beauty? That would explain the shave.

But removing the beard doesn’t change the attitude. Ashton still walks around like he’s cruising. Like he just walked into a club looking for ass. And you can hear the LA labia flapping every time he enters a room. Sorry to be gross. But that’s actually how the sh-t goes down.