Ashton’s losing record

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Have a look at Ashton Kutcher’s IMDB profile. It’s a resume that hardly qualifies, nowhere near a passing grade, the losses greatly dominating the wins, and even the wins weren’t entirely his doing. After all, What Happens In Vegas could largely be attributed to Cameron Diaz’s established box office appeal as opposed to Ashton’s string of big screen failures and small screen disappointments, the latest being The Beautiful Life, officially canned after only 2 episodes. And this on the heels of his last film Spread which was eviscerated by critics and subsequently ignored by audiences.

Why then is Ashton Kutcher considered some kind of f-cking mogul?


He drives his own hype.

He owns a teen girl gossip blog, he is the master of Twitter thanks NOT to the “voice of one man” but to a million dollar stunt (click here if you still think he won fair and square over CNN), and now he’s fronting like an agent of social change, randomly quoting Cory Booker like Ashton Kutcher would ever give up his house in the Hills and move into one of the roughest neighbourhoods in Newark. Please.

As much as this bitch complains about the photographers and the tabloids and the smut, he keeps feeding it on every front. This is his skill, and he’s used it well. But don’t confuse that with actual talent.

Attached – Ashton and Demi Moore at the Clinton Global Initiative last week.

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