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Dear Gossips,

You have a code with your friends, right? With my best friend Fiona, we don’t even have to be looking at each other and I’ll know if she’s annoyed and she’ll know if I’m uncomfortable. And then we make our moves, whatever moves necessary to extract each other from whatever it is that’s resulted in the deployment of the code.

The code works among us in almost every situation. I am one of four co-hosts on a talk show called The Social in Canada and all it takes is eye contact, even during a live audience interview, that we have to make an adjustment or skip to another question. Women have been communicating with each other in code forever. Hey, I’m going out tonight. Can you call me in half an hour and if I say “shrimp”, will you pretend to be sick so I can come home, this guy is the worst.

A new code went viral this week. And it’s not so secret anymore. “Ask for Angela” started in the UK in support of the #NoMore campaign to end sexual violence. Posters were distributed in Lincolnshire clubs and bars encouraging women to approach staff and “Ask for Angela”, code for “I’m with someone who sucks and I need help getting out”.

The response was largely positive, with many on Twitter hoping that the initiative would spread to other parts of the country and abroad. It’s outrageous that we need a f-cking code to begin with. That said, it’s important not only that people who need to “Ask for Angela” know that “Angela” is an option but that if you are ever asked about “Angela”, you’re aware of who “Angela” really is, and what it means. This, of course, got me thinking about Duana and her study of names and why our preoccupation with names is more than just, oh this is what I want my baby to be.

If you’re an “Angela” out there (hi!), how do you feel about the name association? The choice of “Angela” is obvious. “Angela” is an angel. Sometimes she’ll need to be a guardian. Sometimes she’ll have to be an avenger. If I need you, thank you for being my Angela. If you need me, I’ll always be your Angela. 

Attached – one of the most badass Angelas of all time, Angela Davis. Have you seen Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th yet? The Angela Davis part is amazing.

Yours in gossip,


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