has just released its annual list of Top 40 Most Influential Men as voted by men themselves. The #1 spot isn’t much of a surprise and a huge boost for Michael Phelps at #3 is a nod to his determination and subsequent historic accomplishments but…

Cristiano Ronaldo? At #9?


The dude who rolls with eurocheese? Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Usain Bolt who came in at only #21???

Men… please!

Big love for RDJ who’s ranked #4. Thom Yorke!!! And some Maple Leaf pride for Sidney Crosby at #45…but hilariously Brad Pitt is #33 while the web tabloid kingpin Harvey Levin finished higher at #31. Smut over star. Heh.

And finally….

But seriously… why the f&ck did Criss Angel make this list? Who are the dudes who actually cast their votes for Criss loser Angel? They barely redeemed themselves by at least including Junot Diaz.

Click here to find Clooney and the others.