Remember my hate-on for that annoying girl in Crazy, Stupid, Love? Analeigh Tipton? The over-breather? Click here for a refresher. Tipton goes to the Kristen Stewart school of over-breathing - three times in a short sentence for dramatic effect, which seems to have become the acting hallmark of a generation, and somehow this has translated into a not insignificant amount of interest in her, now being labelled the new “quirky, funny, hot girl” and my answer to that is ...

Please don’t sh-t on Aubrey Plaza.

Aubrey Plaza ends the Analeigh Tipton conversation right away. And Aubrey looked amazing last night in white at the Emmys. Love the fit, love the styling, love that she didn’t reach well outside her comfort zone and put on some ridiculously formal structured crazy ass gown that requires 2 attendants to move it around. Aubrey dialled it up, totally, but she still managed to look at ease. That’s exactly how it should be.

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