Enough of these Hollywood twats. Let’s move Continental, to France, to the land of the effortlessly beautiful. It was intoxicating last month – when we were there for the film festival – to see them in their natural habitat, often without a trace of embellishment, so chic, so elegant, so f&cking gorgeous. And you know what? They’re not emaciated either.

Rare was the girl who walked by who needed an avocado drip. They were slender but healthily so and when they’re weren’t slender they owned their bounty, they owned the cute little bulge that comes after 2 pints of beer on the beach – brown skin enveloping the most delicious curves neatly dropped into a teeny bikini.

Total Sapphic quiveration.

And then there’s Audrey Tautou. Not bodacious but French through and through – from the overbite to the hair to the beguiling eyes and that indefinable style… Audrey Tautou at an event to promote her new movie looking feminine but not slutty, understated but still remarkable…

Love, love, love