It has been exactly 10 years since Amelie was released in November 2001. It would go on to earn five Oscar nominations and become the highest grossing French film of all time.

Remember when you first saw her face?

I LOVE her face.

Her face was exquisite. Still is.

Here’s Audrey Tautou yesterday at the Champs Elysees Christmas lighting ceremony in Paris. Lately she’s been talking like she wants to give up acting. Having tasted something of the Hollywood experience during The Da Vinci Code - and even then she was able to shoot in Europe - she deliberately turned down more English language offers, not interested in that kind of spotlight. She continues to work in France but not at a crazy pace and recently said she might quit acting very soon.

A lot of these acting bitches say that quite often. Michelle Williams, for instance, recently told a magazine she wanted to give it all up and do laundry for a living. Makes me wonder how many real people with, like, mortgages they come across in their day to day lives.

But I don’t feel this way about Audrey Tautou. I feel like she really would just pack up and go. Few can resist the temptation to launch themselves on an international scale. Marion Cotillard, for example, has taken the approach that Audrey totally avoided. Audrey doesn’t fly to LA several times a year to meet with agents. She has no interest in LA at all. She’s 33 now. And some do believe her, have even predicted she might soon take the Brigitte Bardot approach, leaving it all behind in her prime. Time to get Amelie on DVD.

Have you seen it?

I wonder now, a decade later, if Amelie would have been as successful in the era of sh-t that seems to have moved over us.