Coco Chanel is as intriguing as ever. Apparently Shirley MacLaine played her in a tv movie this year and was just nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance…?

On the big screen though, perhaps the most highly anticipated Chanel is the Audrey Tautou version Coco Avant Chanel – first stills from the film are attached. Thanks Samantha! To see more, click here.

Then there’s Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky currently shooting in Paris with Anna Mouglalis, the face of Chanel Allure, in the title role. Thanks Amy! Karl Lagerfeld is contributing designs to both productions. No word on whether he contributed to Shirley’s but her movie was on Lifetime. Like, please.

Karl actually directed his own Coco project recently. A short film called Paris Moscow. You can view it here. Of course, in usual Karl form, he offers the most delightful explanation behind his decision to make a little movie:

"There are so many films being made about Chanel that I thought it would be good for Chanel to make one also. I thought it was amusing because I love silent movies. I don't like it when there's talking."


Just as amazing as those tights. Sigh. Those tights. Duana and I can’t talk about the tights. It’s like opening a wound and pouring Emmy Rossum into it. Especially when, a short while later, we fixated on the lace ones. The lace ones are actually better. And while I did satisfy the hunger a little at the Wolford sale 2 weeks ago, looking at them doesn’t get any easier.