That is Audrina Partridge last night leaving Crown Bar hand in hand with Justin Bobby. And this is Whitney Port in New York shooting The City, her new spin off.

Laguna, The Hills, The City…

The OC keeps giving and giving.

Will Whitney become as incredibly famous as Lauren Conrad?

Sorry. It’s the truth. Ugh.

Lauren Conrad is FAMOUS. Lauren Conrad’s line is selling out at Bloomingdales. Lauren Conrad has become a legitimate star.

I complained about this to Duana the other day. I complained about not understanding. Lauren is so…boring. As usual, Du set it straight.

The truth is Lauren is the Hollywood American dream. Blonde, cute, perky, wholesome, virginal enough…

18 – 25 year olds want to BE Lauren Conrad.

Don’t lie. Some of you reading out there want to BE Lauren Conrad while Lauren Conrad is “being” Lauren Conrad on tv.

Does your head hurt?

But Duana’s point: didn’t we all want to BE someone else at that age?

I wanted to BE Winona Ryder. Who did you want to be?

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