The Humanitarian Coalition launched an emergency appeal on the weekend for the Lebanon Crisis. The explosion on August 4 in Beirut killed hundreds, wounded thousands and left 300,000 homeless. The Canadian government has stepped up by matching all eligible donations made by August 24 to the Humanitarian Coalition and [its] members, dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $5M.  Please click here if you are able to help.”

Meg! Happy Birthday with love from Heather who requested “pillars of strength and consistency” for your birthday photos. She suggested Victor Garber and some old West Wing pictures and I’m throwing in Viola Davis. Enjoy your birthday weekend! Make it last! 

And for Avalon on your 21st birthday, even though your plans have changed. I’m sorry to hear that Vegas will have to wait…and perhaps seeing James McAvoy in a kilt might help in a small way? Mom seems to think so and when the time is right and it’s safe, your trip together is going to be better than ever.