August 3, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 3, 2012 14:35:15 August 3, 2012 14:35:15

To Geoff Harris competing in the 800m on Monday at his first Olympic Games - good luck from Lauren and everyone at home in Halifax! Click here to read more about Geoff.

Kim! Happy Birthday! Wish you could have come last night with Haley. I have so appreciated your mother-daughter support after so many years. Next time, give me a chance to properly thank you! Have a GREAT weekend!

Happy Birthday to Meghan from Leitha who says it’s been a rough go lately but that she’s admired your attitude and your strength. Wishing you a restful and stress-free day tomorrow.

The Iqaluit Humane Society is working to help abandoned animals in the region. They need more kennels so they can send the rescued animals to a no-kill shelter in Quebec. It’s a modest, attainable fundraising goal. Please click here to support their efforts. 

To Nikki from Sharon - Happy 40th Birthday! I hear you still look like a 12 year old and routinely get carded. Well, now I’m jealous and don’t want to post photos of your favourites as requested! We’ll fight about this when you come to SMUT next year. Here are David O’Hara, Ewan McGregor, Jessica Fletcher (really???), and of course, Bazil who I’m told has an attitude problem.

And for Zoe on your 40th - a toast to new beginnings, yes. Here’s the ultimate power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. We need a video from that Hamptons house on her Tumblr soon. Until then, here’s an old favourite. God that woman, when she performs live, there is no one else.

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