Catherine Zeta Jones claims she’s only 39, younger than Sharon Stone. And Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman.

Believe her?

Everyone is younger than Gran. But Sharon and Zeta must be at least the same age, non?

Here’s Zeta with that hot beast Hugh Jackman last night at a fundraiser. She’d lie through her teeth and tell you otherwise but Hugh compared to that geriatric fart she married? No wonder she’s looking a little flushed. And old. Did I mention old?

Hugh on the other hand…

Oh la.

As mouthwatering in a suit as he is dressed down, also seen at LAX on Friday, arriving in a clingy cotton shirt under shades and a hat, all smiles for the paps because, really, what’s there to get all upset about?


Maybe Australia.

Word is, Baz Luhrmann is still cutting it as the deadline is looming and some are worried he won’t be finished in time, or that he’ll be so rushed that the film will be sh-t. The official reason behind editing delays is a new ending. The unofficial reason? Adding animation to the inanimate object called Nicole Kidman.

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