Shocking! Australia’s princess getting called out in an Australian paper on her hypocrisy?

Love them Aussies.

As you know, Nicole is currently embroiled in a courtroom battle in a case against some paparazzo she claims has been endangering her life. As someone who craves privacy, pap intrusion is of course deeply upsetting.

Someone who craves privacy…

But who was married in Australia, with every detail of her wedding publicised BEFORE AND AFTER the event, down to a reprint of the invitation in the paper and several local journalists invited to attend.


Question: have you ever seen Madonna’s wedding photo?

Now THAT is privacy.
And all this is pointed out brilliantly today in The Daily Telegraph. Click here to read.

But never forget: Nicole is ALWAYS the victim. And she really does play it so well. Here she is with Keith last month being “taken care of” because she’s so frail and gentle. Or more accurately because her frozen granny ass bones are so brittle.

I mean look at this woman. Is there anyone more asexual than Nicole Kidman?

Thanks Lorraine!

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