Well there’s Hugh Jackman. And then there’s Shane Warne. You only know about Shane Warne because he was f-cking Elizabeth Hurley and that’s why she’s leaving her husband. Click here for a refresher.

Last night we went to the hockey game. There’s always a delightful assortment of rednecks at the hockey game. And, more often than not, one of them will get dragged out on their drunk asses by security for being douche drunk asses. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll see them later, outside the arena, bragging to their friends about how they were dragged out on their drunk asses by security, like it’s the accomplishment of a lifetime. It’s not uncommon for them to be accompanied by their “women”, women so desperate for loving, any kind of loving, they’d rather be seen with a piece of sh-t than have to live life alone. I would rather be alone. Alone with my hand. Alone with a tube. I would rather be alone and dry as a prune than get into bed with that. And, you know, That, strangely, looks a lot like Shane Warne. I mean physically. Yellow hair, bloated red face, stubby beer fingers, no brain and too much cock rage – the worst combination.

This is Shane with Hugh Jackman the other day playing promotional cricket. Apparently he hit Hugh’s balls with his ball. Motherf-cker.

Also, if you’re able to without getting into sh-t at work, click here and a have a good look at what Liz Hurley allowed to be inside of her. You will NEVER see her in the same way again.

As for Hugh, he’s still in Australia with his family, seen here today with his wife and her ma after a workout. Hugh’s been training hard for months to get back into Wolverine shape. The Wolverine, directed by Darren Aronofsky, is due to start shooting early next year.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Scott Barbour/Gettyimages.com