It wasn’t until two thirds into the show, into candy and onion rings and punchiness, that I realized I hadn’t seen Ava DuVernay. I was shocked, but when I brought it up, nobody else had seen her either. She’d just not been on camera.

I mean, it’s a director, not an actress. I get that there isn’t the same recognition or allure. But she’s a woman, which is notable, wearing a great dress and great hair, which looked great on TV, and most importantly, she made a fantastic film that had half the audience in tears, and I think is an influential figure, and a female director is so damn rare that I wish she was featured more, and that the last few weeks pre-Oscar didn’t turn into ‘well she didn’t deserve a nomination’ as though that’s remotely true in the first place or means anything in the second place.

Part of equality for women and doing what Patricia Arquette wants is making women more visible when they do things that are traditionally done by men – including, amazingly, directing movies nominated for Best Picture. There should have been more shots of Ava DuVernay.