Avatar is officially a monster. Has already surpassed $1 BILLION worldwide. Currently ranked 4th in all time box office earnings meaning James Cameron now owns the top spot (Titanic) and is quickly closing in on the 2nd as Avatar approaches the records set by Pirates of the Caribbean and The Return of the King.

It’s been in theatres for weeks. And still, last night, on a Sunday night, my colleague Emily tried to see it at a theatre with 3 screens and it was sold out til 11pm. BIG business. I’ve not. Have no interest in seeing it. But everyone else is seeing it.

LipGloss Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens saw it last night in Hollywood. Cameron of course made Lip’s hero Leo a massive star. So you know he’s aching to work with the King of the World too. With the success of Avatar, a sequel is a foregone conclusion. And Cameron has 3 other massive projects in preproduction too. LipGloss needs an adult franchise. Perhaps Leo will put in a good word for him.

Photos from AKM IMAGES/Splashnewsonline.com