A block party/awards show – the MMVAs in my hometown Toronto last night, a long standing summer staple and they never ever disappoint.

Shocker of shockers, Avril was almost tolerable, making it through the event without putting up her middle finger or spitting – can you believe it? And then came the virtuoso acceptance speech for her People’s Choice Award. Apparently Avril’s acting coach wanted her to be moved to tears. A few more lessons are in order, non?

Even more astounding, Fergie not only looked decent, she actually looked… gulp… kinda hot! Everything’s all relative, see? Fergie next to Tara Reid? Tara Reid with her busted-ass stroke face and the barely modified ghetto tits?

Next to that sh-t, Fergie was downright pretty! And I’m told totally sweet all weekend. Hosted a party at Brant House on Friday, stayed almost the whole time, not drunk or stoned off her tree – happy yes, falling over herself like she was at the Junos…fortunately no – and gracious and pleasant to the general public, though her face could use a lot less sun. Just sayin’…

Remarkably little smut comin’ off this year after Paris Hilton’s hockey infection from last time. You remember Jose Theodore don"t you? After a brush with Hollywood Ebola, he had one of, if not the worst, years of his career, relegated to BACK UP goaltender for the Colorado Avalanche. Damn.

Ebola spares no one…

Source Dose.ca