Totally forgot to write about this last week. So sorry. This, my friends, is a super exclusive. And if you saw me last Monday on eTalk, you are likely already aware that invitations for Avril and Deryck"s wedding were sent out about 2 weeks ago for a ceremony in Santa Barbara on August 26th, exact location and venue to be confirmed the day before. How very Hollywood, non? Especially for 2 so-called low key Canadians just trying to get married undercover. But before we went public with the details on the show, eTalk did contact Avril"s publicist and we received the proverbial response - that they do not comment on their clients" private lives. Uh huh. And y"all know what that means, right? Now August is a long way off and I wouldn"t be surprised if the two are currently scrambling and reshuffling to steer clear of pappy intrusion. But the invite clearly says August 26th - lock solid, as is the California destination. If were them, I"d stick to the original preparations. I mean, as exciting as I"m sure their relationship is for the tween set, do the tabloids really care enough to go Brangelina style for Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibbley?? Please. Next.