Gloating alert. Skip if you don"t care for it. Waaaay back, on April 17th, I reported exclusively on eTalk that Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibbley had sent out their invitations for a wedding ceremony, clearly printed for August 26th in Santa Barbara. At the time, her publicist had "no comment" - and I don"t need to pull out the Hollywood decoder to explain to you what that means, right? So we reported it, and then they went on scramble, we heard about a reschedule and as I said tonight, again on eTalk, they have confirmed a new date, an earlier date, an IMMINENT date, still in Santa Barbara, friends and family were notified of the change just days ago and told to book their tickets immediately, and can I just gloat a tiny tiny bit about how the eTalk report necessitated a 6 week adjustment in the Whibbley nuptials? And can someone tell me why I"ve suddenly grown a conscience?