Celebrities claim they hate doing press. To a certain extent, I can understand that. You get asked the same questions over and over again, sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months. It’s boring, it’s restricting, it’s suffocating…

But so is filing paperwork. Or answering the phone. Or reviewing a proposal. Or putting together a guest list for a special event. Or attending a planning meeting that drags on for several hours.

In other words: it’s part of the job – in Avril Lavigne’s case, it’s part of a job that pays an exorbitant amount of money and allows her to lead the lifestyle she wants while pursuing her passion for “writing good music.”

Bitch…please. Suck it up and get over your own punk ass.

An interview in England with PopWorld. Yes, the interviewer is silly, yes the questions are silly… but they’re not offside either. He’s not asking about the sexual proclivities of her husband nor is he asking to be invited into her dressing room while she shaves her legs. He’s giving her an opportunity to show her personality, anyone with half a brain and a true sense of spunk would have risen to the occasion.

And for a girl who makes dumb ass videos about bullying her boyfriend’s girlfriend, you’d think she could taken herself a little less seriously and played along.

Have you ever seen how absolutely juvenile George Clooney can get during a junket? And it makes him even sexier, non?

Check out the humourless Avril, click here and watch her get her bitch on. Now this is a girl with zero charisma.