Finally a Deserving Victim. Hollywood Ebola’s infection has found another target. A repeat target. Although we don’t need any more reason to rag on Avril Lavigne’s punk poseur little ass, here’s another reminder of why this little Canadian bitch is a waste of time.

You’ll recall the two hung out for a while a couple of years ago, even prompting rumours they were lesbian lovers. Icky part about that is that Paris also had a short fling with Avril’s now husband Deryck Whibley a while back.

Last night, Punk Ass and Ebola hooked up again – photos attached of Avril leaving Koi and Paris ducking into Avril’s car later on in the evening after leaving a club.

Jim Rome – who I worship! – said the other day on his show: you are who you roll with. Avril Lavigne is friends with Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is a worthless piece sh*t. Therefore Avril Lavigne is a …..

What’s more, Avril Lavigne will suffer the consequences of contamination. Ebola shows no mercy. A good thing just this once.

PS. Looks like Paris got a new weave put in. A budget one too. And that nose. I have a sucky nose but that nose is worse than even mine.

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