Is it really the best when the reviews at best are 50%? Really?

And we Canadians are supposed to go easy on our own. To treat our own with kid gloves, to make allowances and excuses for Canadian suckage when appropriate…but even still, even with characteristic Canadian kindness, Avril’s new record still – in my husband’s words – licks balls.

Album review from Dose – a Canadian publication – scoring The Best Damn Thing 2.5 out of 5:
The pro-Avril camp maintains that pop princess or not, crude, rude Lavigne is a positive role model for young girls because she’s a strong personality who’s not on the verge of working the stripper pole, a la Britney and Jessica. Fair enough, but songs like I Don’t Have To Try and the album’s title track show she’s nearly as spoiled and vacant as they are, most of her celebrated rebelliousness hopelessly empty-headed and mall-brattish.

So if even Canadians can’t say something nice, is it really The Best Damn Thing? Umm…Not.Even.Close.

But hey – she wears pink skulls and stripes too. And she’s, like, so totally tough because she gives people the finger. Which means it’s ALL about the substance and not about the style right?

Punk bitch… please.