Last year, almost exactly around this time, there were reports that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger were done. Click here for a refresher. They tried to deny it. But it didn’t seem like they were together all that often. And then she got sick.

Avril is better now, which is great. She’s also made up with Taylor Swift. But Chad?

It’s done.

So the summer of breakups continues, but it’s not like this was a bombshell, was it? The timing though. Sometimes the universe just times things with such a sense of humour. Because her ex-husband Deryck Whibley just got remarried like two days ago.

Anyway, Chad is single so he’ll go back to doing what he was doing before – which is everything in volume – and Avril? Remember Avril and Brody Jenner? 

I was always into that combination, not that there’s any possibility of it happening again, so there’s no sense to this tangent but I guess the point is, Avril’s good at romance gossip. So now that she’s back on the scene, there are all kinds of possibilities.