Declarations of love forever in the form of drunken there any other way to get back together?

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley were supposed to get divorced. Both have been linked to others. She and one of those rich Davis brothers and Brody Jenner, he with this broad shortly after their separation was announced.

But then Deryck was spotted in London with Avril at the Alice premiere. And last night ... well... this happened:

First it was dinner with friends at Madeo. Innocent enough. Then the Chateau Marmont where it looks like they hit it hard. Like blitzed. The best idea after getting blitzed with your estranged spouse of course is to head down to a tat parlour and get matched.

So here they are, leaving the joint with bandages on the same arm, looking f-cking BUSTED. Especially her.

But it’s textbook, non?

You break up, you hook up for sex one night, you think it solves everything, you get branded because the high from your orgasm (and other agents) hasn’t worn off, and two weeks later you remember. It turns out you really do hate the motherf-cker and can’t stand another minute in the relationship. And now you have a tattoo to remind you of your stupidity forever.

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