This comes as no surprise. For many reasons.

Us Weekly reports that Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are done. That she told him she wanted out and that divorce papers will be filed imminently. He is apparently “crushed”.

Avril married when she was 21. You’re only, like, half a soul by that time. It was only a matter of how long. And also…

There’s the Ebola factor.

Ebola Paris Hilton and Avril are friends. Ebola’s sister Nicky attended Avril’s fashion show the other night. Fast forward 3 days and news breaks that Avril and Deryck are over.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Please. You should know better by now.

Ebola is not a f-cking joke.

That sh-t does not discriminate. That sh-t will destroy and pillage.

Still, even though the mainstream is only picking up on this now, Avril’s marriage was f-cked a long time ago. I posted this article back in May, and she then spent holidays in Europe, without Deryck, before returning home to LA to party with Brandon Davis.

Great. Another loser.

Of all the people she could hang out with she chooses the Ebola Family and a lazy, greasy, unaccomplished scumbag to the detriment of her marriage.

Moving backwards.

Here she is on the runway at her show the other night.

Yeah. I know. Not sure how that happened either.

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