Avril Lavigne attended the Brit Awards last night in London. While on the carpet, with her hair dyed all different colours, she stuck out her tongue and lifted her middle finger.

How long has this been?

Almost 10 years, it has to be, right?

So some artists constantly reinvent. And others… don’t f-cking move.

For Avril though, it kinda makes sense. As I’ve always said about Avril’s fans, unlike Britney fans, for example, they don’t age with her. The 14 year old will move on. By the time she’s 18, Avril’s not a part of her life. By 22 Avril is buried. It’s why Avril has to keep mining 14 year olds. Her fans are always only 14.

And that’s why the new material, from the upcoming new album Goodbye Lullaby, at least the first single What The Hell, is the same sh-t we’ve been hearing for a decade. Have you watched the video? Watch the video. It’s the most embarrassing video. You’ll see.

Goodbye Lullaby drops on March 8th.

Photos from Wenn.com and LEON NEAL/Gettyimages.com