Another Canadian loser. Great. Being Canadian this is such a proud moment.

This is that punk ass poseur Avril Lavigne the other day in Malibu needing help figuring out how to put gas in her tank. Eventually a pap had to help her. Because she keeps it so real, you know?

It’s been ages since Avril and Deryck Whibley have been seen publicly together. The last was a couple of months ago, at MyHouse, and the NY Daily News had reported that they were scrapping other all night.

LA’s been buzzing for months that it’s over and that it’s only a matter of time before the announcement is made. Interestingly enough, LA is also buzzing about the reason.

Nothing slamdunk but the rumours are running wild that Avril has switched to girls. Not sure if I buy it but that’s indeed what they’re saying. And she did supposedly made out once, or more, with Ebola Hilton, remember?

They’re still pretty tight, by the way, Avril and Ebola. So if you weren’t on board before, you should be well on board now:

Avril Lavigne is a useless, contaminated, little sh-t.

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