Her attitude is for sh-t, her music sucks, her lyrics suck even harder, she’s emotionally stunted, has the maturity of a nine year old…but Avril really is so pretty, non?

Here she is Germany and Russia a few days ago promoting her new album and again back in LA with her husband. Look at that nose. Such a lovely nose. I covet that nose. And that pink sweater is pretty cute too. In fact, am actually all over her style right now. Do I suck?

The blue dress and yellow shoes? Delightful. The sequined fedora? Love it. Want it.

Again, it’s too bad she’s such a punk ass little bitch.

Having said that… she’s not entirely stupid. Avril you see, unlike Britney, doesn’t sh-t all over her fans. Avril at least has some awareness, Avril understands that her juvenile “art” has an expiry date, and therefore Avril is smart about making sure she maximises profit from her supporters before they turn 17…which is why she greeted them warmly last week for her birthday.

Avril had joined Deryck on tour in Michigan and was celebrating quietly at the venue when she learned a few of her fans were outside waiting for her … with gifts.

She and Deryck happily greeted them, posed patiently for photos, and thanked them profusely for support…and their presents!

The rare occasion she’s not a douche. Shocking.